Jennifer made buying a house a seamless and easy process. Being first-time homebuyers, everything was new to us, but Jennifer made sure we understood each step of the process. Any questions we had she was available to answer, through call, text, and email.

She made us feel comfortable and confident that we were making the right choice for us. She knows the market extremely well and provided us with amazing advice along the way. Jennifer ensured that we were buying the right house for us that would suit our needs and be the perfect entry house into the market. She made sure we were buying a house that didn’t just look pretty at the surface, but a house with good bones, in a good location, and for the right price that would be the perfect entry into the market. It was not just a business transaction for her, she made sure we found a house that we could make a home. Throughout the process, if we needed help finding a lawyer, contractor, mortgage broker, Jennifer was there to recommend helpful and professional people for us to work with!

I would recommend Jennifer to any of my family, friends, and co-workers. We had the best experience working with Jennifer and she truly found us the best first home. We can’t thank her enough for making this process so easy for us!

The team at Loewith and Greenberg was also amazing. Michael always provided us with great advice and insight. Vivian and Danielle were there to support us along the way and through the closing process and answer our MANY emails.