Less of the Same-Old, Same-Old, More from Your Sale Price.

Selling your home might just be one of the most important decisions of your life. You’ll want to make sure you are dealing with real estate agents, when selling a home, that treat you and your home with the respect it deserves.

At Loewith Greenberg & Company, we avoid merely putting your home on the market and hoping for the best. Instead, we focus on helping you manage your sale and to gain control of the selling process for your benefit.

A Higher Level of Accountability

In our pursuit to help you gain control of your sale, we have built a home selling process timeline that gives you an understanding of every step we take (and why we take it). Your timeline will include:

  1. Essential Metrics
  2. Important Milestones
  3. Critical Information
  4. Overall Goals

Things change, and so can our strategy. We try to keep things as flexible as possible, so that things can be altered and you can remain on the cutting edge of getting the most from selling a home in Midtown.

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Marketing the Bigger Picture

What makes a house a home? Real estate with a real difference comes from an understanding that selling your home is selling the entire package. The neighbourhood, the schools, the parks, the shops, and all the features that help market your home for more.

We take care of all the finer details to ensure that your home looks ideal, finished, and perfect for buyers. In addition, we can advise on renovations, services and upgrades that can help you get the most out of your sale. Our goal is to reduce any home selling anxiety you might have – by ensuring your home looks its absolute best.

Marketing Efforts

Right Now During Covid-19 When it comes to professionally marketing your home, along with selling a home, we focus our efforts on:

Floor Plans and 3-D Matterport Tours

This is an outstanding way to bring people in while keeping unqualified buyers out. The 3-D Matter port tour is a realistic way for a buyer to understand the space in their potential new home.

Virtual Online Marketing

Delivered right to a prospective buyer’s inbox, digital marketing spreads the word about your home. While keeping everyone safe inside theirs. Websites, blogs, and other places people can find your home online (and can be wowed at first glance).

Virtual Open Houses

We virtually and literally bring people in and show them around while respecting your home and your safety this is all done remotely another step in exposing your home to the market responsibly.

Professional Staging

A consultation for what we can do to emphasize the stunning features of your home.

Five-star Photography

Professional photography, even virtual tours, can bring out the best in your home.


Our team will even call buyers, with a one-on-one touch, to introduce them to your home.

Closing One Chapter.
Opening Another.

The process that we provide relies on someone who honours what they have had in their home and wants to thoroughly respect and reap the rewards of that as they move into the next chapter of their lives.

Selling a home, or selling an estate home, might be the most intimate experience of your life – so, who do you dance with? We don’t mean dance literally – unless you count happy dances – we mean the process that goes into working closely with a real estate team to sell your home.

“Jennifer and Michael provided us with a “full service” approach to selling our house. They were there to assist with the practical details as well as to offer strategic advice. We felt like we were in good hands throughout the process. It was far less stressful because of their knowledge and support.”

– Deborah A.

It feels like the market is always uncertain, but it doesn’t mean you need to be, too. Instead, work with people who educate, inform, and keep you up-to-date on how things change – and why they change.

We work with you, and other agents, collaboratively, because we believe that teamwork always results in a better sale. Selling a home in Midtown, and across Toronto, doesn’t have to inspire anxiety – it can be fun, and it can be successful.

Anyone Can Sell Your Home. Only A Few Can Do It Well.

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