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06-27-20 | Best In Toronto

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One of the things we miss like crazy (along with concerts, patios, and general pre-lockdown freedom) is going into a deli, and soaking in the atmosphere and smells. None more than Zelden’s Deli.

Whatever your deli taste, Zelden’s has it. Their smoked meat sandwich, with freshly-made bread and topped with whatever you wish, is the type of meal you dream of having on a lunch break.

While far from the oldest delicatessen in Toronto, it derives with a strong history of tradition that began with Zelys Deli. All that hard work set down in the 1980’s has led to Zelden’s taking a strong foothold in a busy Yonge Street area.

Right beside the subway, many a commuter has stopped by to get a fix of some of the best deli food in the neighbourhood. And while the community element of the deli atmosphere has been affected by the recent pandemic, you can still order for takeout or delivery. Hard to argue with irresistible deli coming to you!

If you want a slice of a delicious deli experience, visit their website, or order from UberEATS, Ritual, or call at 647-347-3474. Enjoy!


Zelden’s Deli – 1446 Yonge Street, Toronto ON

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