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07-17-20 | Best In Toronto

Follow our series of profiling amazing St. Clair businesses who make our community so vibrant.

We’ve covered quite a few businesses in theis series now, but first is our first vegan-only establishment – Vegwood.

Located on 540 Oakwood Ave, this locale serves up meals that even the carnivores among us have to admit hit the spot.

And did we mention that all the food menu options are $6.99+HST? Talk about the deal of the century!

With a Caribbean influence, flavour bursts out of every bite. Our personal favourite is the BBQ Un-Chicken Sandwich, with delicious and hearty soy-based protein imitating the poultry classic with a vegan twist. And the sauce just hit you in all the right spots. Their bread comes from Hummingbird Eats, using a vegan coco bread that doesn’t use butter to crate its fluffy texture.

And don’t get us started on the coleslaw. Just the right amount of acidic, perfectly complimenting the sandwich.

The menu consists of a range of special options designed to fill you up for the day, whether that’s a quick bite for lunch, or something filling in the evening.

Available for pickup (and possibly delivery), Vegwood is part of the Vegan Village, looking to spread the virtues of a vegan diet to its community through excellent food and friendly, convenient service.

Let’s go out and support businesses like Vegwood! Take a look at their menu!


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