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07-04-20 | Best In Toronto

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When it comes to cooking, fresh is key. The better the ingredients, the tastier the meal. And the one place you should look at to provide great-quality meats for you is Roast.

Located by Arlington Avenue, this butcher shop pride themselves with producing naturally-raised, hormone free meats from their own farms, to guarantee quality from pasture to plate.

Their motto is simplicity, quality, convenience. And from our experience, they live up to the billing. From picking out a cut you’re planning for the evening, or a custom-packed order, you get a choice of rubs and marinades to give your meal that extra boost of flavour.

Looking for something ready to eat? Roast have a wide range of delicious options to sink your teeth into the moment you get your hands on it, from a chicken pot pie to an exquisite wild boar stew. (Just thinking about it is making us hungry…)

BBQ season is in full blaze, and Roast is just the right place to satisfy your outdoor culinary masterpieces – for your family, or any close friends you have over.

It’s been a staple stop for our meats for quite some time, and we can’t recommend them enough.

Open and ready for you to feast your eyes on their amazing offers, drop in to see how Roast can help make your next homemade meal your best one yet!

Roast Butchers

786 St. Clair West Avenue


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