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06-14-20 | Best In Toronto

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When their prominent sign out front and the mugs inside are inscribed with the statement “The birthplace of coffee”, you know it’s going to be good. Yet you still might get blown away.

Mofer (which means plow in Aramaic) serve premium Ethiopian coffee, guaranteeing quality from sun-dried and roasted beans – “from crop to cup”. These include Harrar, Sidamo, Dijimma, and more amazing options to check out.

You can enjoy drip coffee or espresso drinks that applies their “steep and filter” method – a process where ground coffee is steeped for three minutes before being poured through a cotton filter for your sipping pleasure.

As it is summer, cold brews are more commonplace for a satisfying caffeine experience. Mofer prepares their cold brew 24 hours before serving, using a cold water dripper and top-quality filtered water, to ensure you get one of the best chilled coffees in our St. Clair neighbourhood.

A fan of lattes? Try some of their unique flavours like caramel, chai, matcha and turmeric to walk around town with – especially iced!

On top of coffee, Mofer offer homemade, gluten-free pastries that use an Ethiopian stale grain called teff, which are as delicious as they are nutritious. The date squares are a personal favourite.

Available for takeout and delivery everyday, visit Mofer at 1040 St. Clair Ave W, or check out their website here.

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