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07-24-20 | Best In Toronto

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Blink and you miss it doesn’t quite cut it here – failure to get around the back, and you’ll never find this hidden St. Clair Ave W treasure.

Jack and Lil’s is a South African-influenced catering company based out of the rear laneway away from the main street (by Humewood Drive). Finding it however isn’t even half of the satisfaction – it’s the food and drink that’ll do the rest.

Specializing in food that are easy to takeout and walk around with, it’s the ideal spot for taking a seasonal stroll with, or bringing with you to a nearby park. From fluffy snackable egg bites, that can be served with a homemade tomato chutney and parmesan, to a crunchy noodle bowl with coleslaw, vermicelli and drenched in peanut sauce, you won’t be stuck for choice for what to indulge in.

Just looking for a cup of joe? They offer a variety of coffee options that come with a range of alternative milks for whatever your preference is. And these can be paired with several delicious treats infused with that South African flavour. Banana tahini muffins, a ‘Morning Crunchie’ granola bar, and (our personal favourite) their zucchini bars. Perfect for a quick snack on the go (or when you more concerned with the journey than the destination).

Named after one of the owner’s parents, Jack and Lil’s was created as a culinary homage to their South African heritage, taking inspirations from the food they encountered in their travels, and bringing a healthy take on wholesome, delicious recipes.

Take in the atmosphere for the first trip, and you’ll come back for the amazing offerings.


684 St Clair Avenue West, Rear Laneway


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