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06-05-20 | Best In Toronto

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Our days may be a little different from before, but some things haven’t changed – like our insatiable need for great coffee, and delicious baked goods. How about a refreshing gelato bar too?

You’ll find them all here – Hunter Coffee Shop. Based on Vaughn Road, this delightful café is open on Saturdays from 10am-2pm to cater to your weekend needs.

The exquisitely-designed and aesthetically pleasing coffee shop is available for pickup and delivery – provided you get your order for select items in advance, such as bespoke sourdough treats like the Heritage Grain Challah Buns, or Jerusalem Bagels (perfect with cream cheese to kick off your weekend!)

Finding flour hard to come by in your local grocery store? Hunter Coffee Shop has you covered, with 1kg bags on sale to those who order them quick enough.

The coffee beans used to make your favourite caffeinated drinks are also up for grabs on their site – from a custom dark to a lighter roast option.

“But what about those gelato bars?” I hear you asking. Perfect for Saturday strolls, these neighbourhood hidden gems can come in various flavours from raspberry, lemon and coconut.

Let yourself in on a treat, and check out their website:

As always, stay safe and enjoy!


Hunter Coffee Shop – 423 Vaughan Road

*minimum $20 purchase online.

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