Fall & Winter – Why Sell When It’s Cold?

11-13-20 | Selling

It seems like everyone thinks spring is the best time of the year to go house hunting. While it definitely is the busiest time of the year, we actually think that fall and winter are equally opportune times to sell. Here’s a few reasons why we think you might actually have a better time selling when it’s cold out.

Less Competition = More Offers!

In the spring, you’ve definitely got a buyer’s market. It seems like every house in the neighbourhood is for sale. But basic economics teaches us that a surplus in supply means that not every house will get sold. Instead of paddling against the current in spring, why not list in fall and winter when there are fewer homes on the market. Your home will markedly stand out to buyers.

Cold Weather Brings More Serious Buyers

Part of the reason that spring is such a busy season is because everyone is excited to go out and enjoy the warmer weather after a long, harsh winter. As a result, while there are more people going to open houses that doesn’t necessarily mean there are more buyers. In the colder months, you won’t find as many window shoppers. Anyone who reaches out to view your property will likely be a serious seller, looking to move with fewer contingencies.

Your Curb Appeal Has Never Been Better

In autumn, mother nature does a lot of the curb appeal work for you. The leaves are falling in a rainbow of colours and everything looks inviting. There are even late-flowering plants that are still in bloom in autumn which add a further dimension to the colours outside your home.

Cold Weather Attracts Different Buyers

Most people tend to imagine a family purchasing a home. This is particularly why the market is flooded in spring. Everyone wants to buy a new home in spring to close in summer when school is done and give the kids time to adjust to their new home and neighbourhood before the school year starts at a new school. But families are not the only buyers out there! The colder months are the perfect time to attract young professionals, empty-nesters, and couples who don’t have children. They’re more likely and willing to jump into the real estate market in fall and winter and they are just as serious as family buyers!

Listing In The Colder Months Lets You Enjoy Summer

When listing a house, you inevitably need to put some work into it. You’ll likely need to paint, declutter, perhaps even hire a stager. This could take several weeks perhaps even months depending on how much needs to be done for your home. There are some people who feel the need to rush to put their homes for sale before fall starts. Instead of spending the warmest months of the year stressed out, why not enjoy them? Start preparing your home for sale now so that it can be on the market in the heart of autumn and you can enjoy Christmas in your brand new home.

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