Best Pho in Toronto

01-24-20 | Best In Toronto

Whoever said chicken soup is food for the soul, has probably never had a tantalizing pho meal. This blissful bowl of brothy goodness has warmed winter bones from its origins in Vietnam to the lakeshores of Toronto. In commemoration for this delicious dish, here are our favourite spots in the city.

Pho Hung – 350 Spadina Ave

An unmissable staple of Chinatown, Spadina Ave has been providing noodle paradise for over 35 years. It’s difficult to pinpoint one particular item on the menu to choose from – go with the traditional pho bowl to start, and discover the rest in your inevitable next trip.

Pho Tien Thanh – 57 Ossington Ave

The first of the near-legendary Vietnamese spots on this Ossington Ave strip, this intimate establishment rarely has a table to spare, or a dissatisfied diner. Their spring rolls are divine, while the chicken pho dish is the perfect blend of light, but will fill you up regardless. If you can find a seat, or content to wait for great food, you won’t be disappointed.

Golden Turtle (Rua Vang) – 125 Ossington Ave

The rival sibling restaurant on Ossington Ave, the local argument of which is better rages on ton this day. We can’t call it – I simply enjoy their respective offering. There’s around 160 options to choose from here – if that doesn’t intimidate you, I’d recommend the duck congee and a bowl of delicious beef noodle pho. It’s exactly what you want on a brisk evening.

Banh Cuon Pho Ga – 1772 St. Clair Ave W

The evermore fashionable West St. Clair West has as good a noodle soup as you can find in the city. No strangers to giving you generous portions, you won’t leave hungry with many of their offerings. Our pick of their menu however is the No. 22 soup, a chicken broth with sliced onions, thai basil sprigs, bean sprouts, baby cilantro, lime wedges and – of course – oodles of noodles!

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