Best Ice-Skating Rinks in Toronto

01-04-20 | Best In Toronto

The wintry season comes with many ups and downs, from festive celebrations to frosty ice storms. One thing many Canadians can however agree on is being able to hit an ice rink and skate our troubles away! In commemoration of this time-honoured tradition, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite ice rinks for skating.

Nathan Phillips Square

Let’s get the obvious one done first – despite its popularity, there’s still a certain magic when you don your skates here. Well worth the predicted line to go out there, it’s a picture-perfect opportunity to be snapped with the Toronto sign in the background.

Dufferin Grove Park

A personal favourite, seeing as this writer learned how to skate here WELL into their adult life! A local place for all ages, shapes and sizes, they also offer rental skates for $2 for those just beginning their future passion. A real community atmosphere surrounds the place, and you’ll be made to feel very welcome.

Grenadier Pond, High Park

One for the purists, this is a naturally frozen pond that only recently had a skating ban lifted. (On that note, always check online that it’s safe to go on). We wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s for the thrill-seekers, but it sure is worth it for the views you’ll be encompassed by, and the feeling of freedom you’ll get.

Harbourfront Centre

A rink that has catered to families, tourists and everyone in between for over 30 years, you’ll get to skate so close to the lake you’ll often forget that you’re not on it! While popular, it’s spacious enough that you won’t feel cramped – and afterwards you can bask in the post-skating satisfaction with a well-deserved coffee at the Boxcar Social.

Did your favourite rink make the list? Let us know yours!

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