Best Home Cleaners in Toronto

03-13-20 | Best In Toronto

Sometimes, you look around your home and wonder, “I wish I could bring someone one to clean this”. Well guess what – you can! Order a cleaning service online to save yourself the hassle of cleaning. Here are our picks for the best cleaning companies in Toronto.


Handy is the big fish, who are active in numerous cities and offer several other services along with excellent cleaning. About as reliable of an option you could choose in Toronto. They have the experience, flexibility to your schedule, as well as being convenient and reliable. Certainly worth investigating their packages.

Maid In T.O.

As the name suggests, this outfit were founded and are based in Toronto. They clean using only eco-friendly supplies, and typically work in teams of two for maximum efficiency. Cleanings start at $125 for a one-bedroom apartment – steeper than most, but with it comes the type of finished product you expect from such an investment.

No More Chores

The self-confessed highest rated cleaning service in Toronto, we would highly recommend them if you’re looking for a particularly deep clean of a space. Thorough only begins to cover their work. They’re highly versatile in accommodating you and your needs, and the range of services they offer.

Whoever you pick, we hope it delivers a fuss-free clean and cozy home!

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