This is a letter of reference commending Michael Loewith on a fantastic real estate transaction we recently experienced through him. I was tipped off about a condo penthouse listing.

Having known Michael for some time and that he worked for Harvey Kalles, I called him immediately. It was Saturday mid-day. By Sunday 5 pm he had managed to track down the listing agent and arranged to meet us at the condo. We looked at it and knew immediately that it would be perfect for us. By Monday 9:30 am I had an agreement waiting in my email box, which I promptly returned to Michael with my signature. By Monday 3:15 pm Michael sent me an e-mail letting me know the owners had signed off on the agreement and that the deal was done. I was more than impressed with this whole transaction.

It took less than 24 hours from the time we looked at the condo until the deal was processed. Looking for the ideal place in Toronto is always a bit of a challenge, and Michael Loewith was really in our corner on this one. I encourage anyone looking for a real estate agent that is committed to performing at a superior standard to deal with Michael.