Meet Trevor Osborne

A savvy negotiator and a strategic thinker is what you’ll get with Trevor. With a technical and tactful approach to real estate, clients of Trevor’s will walk away with not only the deal of their dreams, but also a thorough education in the real estate market and all of its nuances…and perhaps even a new friend!

It’s no secret that real estate processes, buying and selling alike, can be intimidating – and it’s Trevor’s aim to keep your fears at bay by doing a deep dive with you into how the market behaves. He comes armed with an analytical approach that ensures any and all decisions that are made come from an informed and strategic point of view. Whether it’s a sit down talk over coffee to sort out your long term goals, exploring a little known side-street outside of the city-center, or a quick phone call in the evening to chat about a prospect; Trevor believes being available and accessible to his clients as and when they need him is essential to providing the best possible experience he can.

The friendly and honest approach he brings to his work is a result of combining plenty of experience in the realm of real estate with his passion for people. He’s an adventurous family man who continues to find beauty in Toronto as it expands day by day!

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“At a time when we had much bigger things to deal with, Loewith Greenberg & Company made the process simple and worry-free. On behalf of my wife and son, I wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and I look forward to working with you in the future.”
-Anthony M.

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